2022 will be a tough year!

Turkey let behind a record year in mineral exports.
The share of natural stone in mineral exports, which was nearly 6 billion dollars in 2021, was 2.09 billion dollars.
Undoubtedly, phrases such as “record” and “peak” make sense in sectors where we have a foreign trade surplus.
Otherwise, it is necessary to look at the ratio of exports to imports.
We give a foreign trade surplus in items such as natural stone, olive oil, furniture…
So the currency stays inside.
The “record” characterization is appropriate.
In 2022, expected to increase by 20 percent.
In the first month of this year, Turkey’s natural stone exports reached 161 million dollars.
In January 2021, it was 145 million dollars.
New heights are possible!
But the year will be tough.
In addition to the logistical problems caused by the pandemic, an energy crisis was added.
The crisis manifests itself as a cost item in places and a cut in places.
You’ll find a rebellion rising from Carrara on our pages.
Not to mention Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The humanitarian consequences of the invasion of Russia, where dependence on natural gas is high, are expected to have economic repercussions as well.
Every step here will afect the energy crisis.
For now, we are also selling natural stone to this country, which is being deterred by sanctions.
Although not one of our main markets but it’s among our target markets…
In April 2021, Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association (IMIB) also organized a trade delegation to Russia.
IMIB President Aydin Dincer gave information about the Russian market.
Dinçer stated that Russia imports mainly processed marble from Turkey and we are 5th in the imports of this country.
We sold natural stones with the worth of 13 million dollars to Russia in all of 2021.
As of January this year, this number is about 1 million dollars.
A drop in the ocean!
The real economic cost of the war will be in energy.
The humanitarian dimension is obvious: Lose-lose!
No winners…