2021 Evaluation and 2022 Projection of Marble Sector

You know, 2020 started with anxiety in every aspect for the whole world. Of course, the marble sector was also afected by the negativity. Especially in the first months when the pandemic spread, we had businesses that closed, businesses that reduced their capacity. Like other countries, our fair has been postponed. Despite the continuing impact of the epidemic, we held our fair in 2021 with 1/3 of the normal capacity participants, I would like to say that although there was low participation, the fair was productive in a way that we did not expect. In 2021, we experienced the container problems that started in 2020, and we are still experiencing it, although its efect is decreasing. As TUMMER management, we continue our negotiations with the logistics companies.

In 2021, 2.10 billion dollars of total $5.93 billion in mineral exports came from the marble-natural stone sector. he previous year, our value was around $1.7 billion. If we define 2019 as the normal period, our exports have increased by 13 percent compared to the normal period.

Despite the negative efects of the epidemic period, I sincerely congratulate our industry, which has brought our exports to these levels by striving with all its might.

The marble sector has a special place due to both the very low amount of imports and the use of domestic machinery in production, and its added value is high in both blocks and processed products. he increase in investments and production in the sector also mobilized the machinery manufacturers, enabling the production of machinery used in production and the use of domestic machinery in activities. Over time, our country has come to the position of exporting marble machinery. As such, we became one of the sectors with the least import input in 2021 as in previous years.


As marble natural stone sector, we set the target of “out of spite exporting and production” in 2022 as well as in 2021. Despite the outbreak and other negatives, we aim to increase the exports of 2 billion 100 million dollars in 2021 to 2.5-2.7 billion dollars in 2022. Marble Izmir Fair, one of the most important fairs in the natural stone sector of the world, will open its doors to the world for the 27th time on March 30 – April 2, 2022.

In 2021, we have experienced the container problems that started in 2020. Of course, this problem is occured not just in our country. However, in 2022, we expect the problem of keeping products in the port on the grounds for a long time by entering the audit/ report preparation process of the carrier companies because of the damage on the block marble containers sent by our companies, especially in some transit ports.

Through the platform we have created together with 16 NGOs related to the mining sector, we contribute to the establishment of the right grounds in public authorities by forming the common views of the sector. As TUMMER, we will endeavor to fulfill our duty and responsibility to the maximum extent in order to maintain this union in 2022. With the team we have created under the roof of TUMMER, we will continue to present and follow up the problems we have experienced in our sector both during legislation and implementation with our solution proposals to public authorities through our platform.


While we should be appreciated for doing perhaps the most dificult job in the world and providing economic and social benefits, some negativities experienced in recent years negatively afect the public perception of our industry. We are disturbed by the perception created in this direction. In order to correct the negative perceptions in 2022 and to ensure that mining in our country is evaluated on a supra-political basis, we will give more focus to studies related to public relations and activities before public authorities.


On the other hand, we have higher cost increases than we expected. New rates in electricity, one of our important items, and increases in fuel oil. We think that SCT on fuel should be abolished and electricity prices should be reduced to support the mining industry. In line with our national energy and mining policy, I believe that the future and development of our country will be thanks to our miners, and I think that we will realize our duties and responsibilities at the highest level by producing and exporting spitefully in 2022 as an industry. Finally, I want to say this. We should consider mining above politics, we should know that it is a sector that we should not make material for politics.