The joy of naturalness is in natural Stones

The changes brought about by the epidemic have forced economies around the World and changed the balance of supply and demand
In world trade, there are problems due to climate crisis, disruptions in logistics services, increased energy and oil costs consequently increased inlation, imbalances in the supply of goods, change of trade route, diferentiation of business practices, and exchange rate luctuations in our country.
Economies will find their direction with time and changes.
Mining is one of the most important industries in the world. It provides raw materials to industries. Our lives depend on them. If they don’t exist, we go back to the ‘Stone Age’. There are mines in every aspect of our lives. We can’t develop without mines. The need for mines continues to increase in all areas of our lives.
The mines are used in energy, health, automotive, construction, mobile phone and many other fields.
“Our Life is Mining” Workshop, organized for the 4th time by IMIB, was held successfully in Istanbul. In the workshop, ministers from government, general managers, representatives of authorized institutions, NGOs, natural stone producers sought solutions to the current sectoral problems.
Problems such as increasing costs, electricity, diesel, forest permit processes and high prices were once again conveyed to the authorities and discussed.
Details are on our pages.
This year, our focus will be on sustainable natural materials and the beauty of peaceful marble for our living spaces
Our architects say that the use of natural stones will increase more and more. hey say we will see this material on surfaces such as loors, walls, countertops, furniture and accessories
It seems the moving Stones trending in fashion projects will be in the center of attention.
Enjoying life is hidden in the natural stones
With the pandemic, digitalization has gained great importance in our lives. In this period, companies invested more in digital transformation. As a company, our work continues on it.
In the first issue of 2022, we have prepared content that you will like.
No case where people die is justified. Wars have no winners.
Wishing healthy, happy and peaceful days to come…
Stay with love…